Common Causes Of Bad Posture

      Repetitive activities such as sitting at your desk, using a computer, and carrying children often contribute to bad posture and alignment. Forward head posture and swayback are common results of posture misalignment. Massage Therapist works to correct posture by lengthening the tissues in your body. Tight tissues and muscles are responsible for locking your body into poor posture.

An example of poor posture caused by sub-optimal body alignment is commonly seen in the relationship between the pelvis and the legs: Some people have developed a habit of storing tremendous amounts of tension in their hips, buttocks, and legs. This prevents their hip girdle from resting upon their leg bones in a way that provides maximum energy, range of motion, stability and stamina.  Massage Therapist is a proven way to correct all of the above bad postures.

The more we overload our musculature to compensate for our inability to move with grace, good posture and fluidity in our bodies, the more we unnecessarily tire ourselves. If you take up OPRC and allow your system of internal support to operate in the way it was designed to operate, your body is free to become a vehicle for your full physical expression, while maintaining the grace of better posture.


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