Sports Massage for Sports People

Have you ever been for a massage session and left feeling disappointed or cheated because the masseuse’s techniques was as delicate as if handling tofu?

Have you ever wished for a really deep massage to work out the kinks in your tight muscles?

OPRC MASSAGE! is exactly the place you are looking for.

OPRC MASSAGE! strictly specialises in sports massages. By that, STRONG MASSAGE! offers exactly ONE type of massage and does it well.

Sports massage therapists have proper qualifications (e.g. from Singapore Sports Council) and training but more importantly, have extensive experience with elite competitive athletes and teams up to the national level.

Sports massage is a subset of physiotherapy. It brings about real physical benefits such as quicker muscle recovery, improves blood circulation which helps the body get rid of the lactic acid produced during exercise, allowing the in flux of more nutrients to the muscles and tissue.

Flexibility is also improved with the warming and stretching of soft tissues which improves muscle tone.

Athletes who train regularly and at a high level would feel the benefits of regular sports massage more, as it aids in recovery and therefore can prevent over straining and most importantly, injury.

Call OPRC! for an appointment now. 65.6327.8265


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