Soothe Your Body and Soul With a Therapeutic Massage

Stiff shoulders? Aching back? In a time of high gas prices, a shaky economy, and political rancor, it’s no wonder that many of us are feeling a bit stressed lately. Add the usual aches and pains that come along with age, arthritis, sports injuries and the strain of hunching over a computer all day, and the result is a body crying out for a therapeutic massage.

A therapeutic massage is a great way to pamper your body and spirit . Massage feels good, of course, but it also does a body good. According to research studies posted on the website of the National Institute of Health’s Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine, massages can improve the immune system, reduce blood pressure and ease neck pain.

“It enhances the immune system by stimulating blood flow and moving lymphocytes.

“It is relaxing to those who are stressed and some people report they are able to sleep better”

“It improves the pliability of fascia, increases circulation, clears the system of toxins and increases endorphins.”

There are several types of massages, among them Swedish, deep tissues, myofascial and therapeutic. In a Swedish massages, the most common type, the therapist applies a series of kneading, circular and sweeping strokes. In a deep tissue massage, the therapist applies a firmer pressure to treat stubborn muscle tension. In a myofascial massage, the therapist concentrates on massaging connective ligaments.

A monthly massage is optimal for keeping muscles and connective tissue supple, said Shaw, although persons may need one more often.


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