Clinical Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Therapy

Stress is attributable to approximately 75% of all disease including skin diseases, headaches and migraine, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and heart-related diseases, as well as backache and muscle pain, poor eyesight and depression.

As the world in which we live becomes increasingly stressful both physically and emotionally we are left with two choices; either we avoid stress, or we learn to deal with it effectively. Unfortunately, stress is unavoidable, and therefore the only solution is to manage the stresses and strains we encounter each day.

Therapeutic massage is perhaps the most researched form of bodywork offering a broad range of scientifically validated health benefits. These include relief for muscle pain and spasms, spinal curvatures such as scoliosis and lordosis, pain due to injury or stress, headache, whiplash, tension-related respiratory conditions, cardiovascular conditions, and temporomandibular joint syndrome. Massage has also been shown to be effective for correcting body posture and relieving musculoskeletal disorders, improving range of motion, eliminating toxins from the body, reducing swelling and much more.

A growing number of businesses are offering an on-site massage program to their employees as part of their wellness program as a means of reducing stress and enhancing productivity.

If you haven’ t tried a massage there’s no time like the present to get started on a healthier, happier life!

OPRC 72 Amoy Street, Singapore

Tel. 65.6327.8545


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