Connective Therapy

Connective Therapy focuses on restoring the integrity of the facia, the broad sheets of fibrous connective tissue that surround and give support to your muscles and organs.

Fascia is made up of collagen, elastin, and a saccharide gel complex that supports and allows for the muscles to glide independently.

Imagine the fasical system as a multi-layered body stocking with fascial sheets wrapping the muscles and organs as they are interwoven throughout your body.

Because of this connectiveness, stress on any area of the body affects every other part of the body.

Ideally, when funtioning properly, the fascia is soft and supple, facilitating the movement between all parts of the body.

When the body is faced with muscular overuse, stress, or trauma, the fascial layers become rigid and begin to stick. Muscles then shorten in response to the  restricted fascia, which can eventually translate into a variety of complaints, such as neck, low back, or hip pain.

Clinical Massage Therapist can help you!

Call me at 65.6327.8545 for more information.


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