Can swimming help reduce the curve of scoliosis?

Swimming is frequently recommended for patients with back problems because the spine is less loaded in the pool with the help of buoyancy. That makes it a natural question “is swimming also recommended for patients with scoliosis?”

The answer is people with scoliosis do benefit from swimming.  Besides the fact that swimming is good for general strengthening of the back muscles, it is also good for breathing function. This makes swimming exceptionally suitable for scoliosis as lung capacity and exercise endurance are likely to be affected among the individuals with scoliosis.

Scoliosis involves uneven development of the spine and the back muscles, as swimming targets generally on the whole back, it would not be able to specifically help reduce back pain caused by muscle imbalance.  It does not help reduce the curvature too.

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  1. Under severe conditions, scoliosis maybe more damaging to the body since it can host other health problems. `

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  2. A standing side view radiograph of the thoracolumbar spine is suggested if significant deformity is present in the front-to-back (sagittal) plane. Radiographs are assessed for spinal column contour and to rule out congenital, developmental, degenerative or neoplastic abnormalities. The amount of each deformity is calculated using a standard, reproducible measurement technique. An estimate of skeletal maturity is made by assessment of the growth areas at the upper pelvis and hips.,

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