How can massage therapy help you heal?

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany

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Traditional medicine is based on sound, empirical research. Nothing – no treatment or a medication or a protocol– is provided to a patient without absolute certainty that the treatment or medication or protocol will be effective in treating a specific condition. While this is the way it should be, there is a downside to this reliance on such proof. No matter what complaint you present, it must fit into a protocol or procedure or medication that has been proven to work. However, there are many conditions and specific complaints that may not fit in perfectly to these proven methods, especially for athletes.Here is where clinical massage therapy fits in to help.  Massage therapy is a practice within the field of Complimentary Therapies.  Traditional medicine, for the most part, focuses on the site of your actual pain.  The treatment goal is to get rid of the pain with medication, physical therapy, surgery or other means.  Many repetitive stress injuries and conditions do not respond well to these traditional treatments.


As a Clinical Massage therapist I view the pain as a language your body is using to tell you something is wrong.

My job is to search for the source of the pain and to use my manual skills to eliminate that source of pain which is often caused by trigger points in a muscle, tendon or ligament.  Trigger points account for approximately 75% of all soft tissue injuries and conditions! .  



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