Let’s Pull The Trigger and Kill The Pain!

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Ever wonder what can be done to help headaches, neck stiffness, carpal tunnel like symptoms, tennis elbow, bursitis, frozen shoulder, back pain, low back stiffness, sciatica, and even shin splints or that nagging sports injury?  If you have trigger points in your muscles, you cannot stretch that muscle nor can you strengthen it until the trigger is erased.  So if you are lifting weights, be very aware of tightness and pain.  You could easily suffer an injuriy.

Pain in your muscles or tendons or ligaments can make you less active, more tense or fatigued. Everyday pressures and stresses, overused injuries in athletes, whiplash trauma and conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis can produce muscular or “soft tissue” pain often characterized by what many complimentary therapists call “trigger points.”


Trigger points are small nodules of tissue that create patterns of sensation such as sharp pain, dull ache, tingling, pins and needles, hot or cold, as well as can create symptoms such as nausea, ear ache, equilibrium disturbance, or blurred vision. These small, hyperirritable sites in the muscle tissue sometimes refer pain to other locations as in headaches or sciatica.


Trigger points usually occur up and down your body along the length of the muscle.    Trigger points generally occur in more than one location. Trigger points cause referred pain in specific areas called pain reference zones.  These areas have been charted and I am experienced in locating specific triggers that may be causing your problem.

Before you agree to surgery or pain medications or other forms of therapy, check in with OPRC.  We may be able to avoid all those expensive and sometimes lengthy treatments.  If we can’t find the trigger…then I will help you find a professional in another field to help you.


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