Deep, Conscious Breathing

Breath is crucial to each moment of our being, and we receive many health benefits from deep breathing. This can only happen when your belly is expanding with your inhalation and retracting during exhalation. A deep breath into the diaphragm naturally massages and detoxifies organs & tissues, enhances circulation and supports the lymphatic system. Every system ultimately benefits from deep breathing, including the function and focus of the brain.


People who practice deep breathing exercises tend to have less illness as the immune system becomes stronger. When we breathe more consciously, we have more energy.


Some of the most documented benefits from deep breathing are:

-Lowers blood pressure, metabolic rate, and blood sugar.

-Helps regulate digestion and elimination.

-Aids in detoxification.

-Enables all systems in the body to relax in response.

-Improves and increases amount and delivery of oxygen to the organs.

-Eases stress, nervousness and anxiety.


I encourage you to find ways that will support you to continually bring awareness to your breath. Breathing habits are not like other exercise habits that can only be done once a day. Experiment throughout the day and be patient…strive to pause often and simply take 3 deep breaths. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…………..


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