99 reason to get a Massage:

Therapist uses massages to realign the connective tissue, and recoverer habitual holding patterns.Disorders relieved through Massage Therapy
-Allergies -Anxiety and Depression
-Arthritis -Asthma and Bronchitis
-Insomnia -Musculo-Skeletal ailments
Sports injuriesCarpal Tunnel Syndrome
Circulatory conditions –High blood pressure
Back painFibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
-Headache –Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)
Chronic pain -Paralysis

99 Reason To Get Massage:

1. You are stressed out
2. You want to do something nice for yourself.
3. You want to support your local massage therapist
4. Your skin needs to be moisturized.
5. You have never had one before.
6. You want to be healthy
7. You like to listen to music
8. You can’t reach those knots
9. Its one hour in paradise
10.Your mom said you should
11. Your Quads are yelling at you
12. Your feet are screaming help
13. Your calve muscles feel like rocks
14. Your butt is wheeping
15. Your lower back is kicking you in your stomach
16. Your shoulders can not take anymore
17. Your arms are about to fall off
18. Your hands are not loving you right now
19. Your neck is begging you for relief
20. Your scalp needs some attention
21. There is nothing else to do on a rainy day
22. Lotion needs to go somewhere
23. Why not?
24. You have a headache
25. It will make you happy
26. You want attention
27. You have an extra $60 hanging around
28. You deserve it
29. You have an hour to spare
30. You have an 1/2hr. to spare
31. You want one
32. It feels good
33. You want to get your circulation going
34. Everybody’s doing it
35. You want to be more in tune with your body
36. You get to bring your own music
37. Its healing
38. Human contact is important
39. Your life needs
40. You are a rock star
41. You will have something to talk about
42. Support your cleanse program
43. Support your weight loss program
44. You might learn something
45. It could make you a better dancer
46. Your body will thank you
47. People around you will thank you
48. You need to relax
49. It can support a deep sleep
50. You need some quite time
51. You like candles
52. You are on a long road trip
53. You are on vacation
54. Getting ready for a long road trip
55. You are a bride to be
56. You need an energy boost
57. You are experiencing anxiety
58. You are sore from” getting in shape”
59. It doesn’t suck
60.You love yourself
61 You can gift one
62. Those moguls killed you
63. The mountain destroyed you
64. Your spinning instrutor is satan
65. You have tried everything else
66. Your bed is hotel floors
67. You are on tour living in a van
68. You stare at a computer all day
69. You got a raise!
70. You didn’t get that raise
71. Girls Day Out!!
72. You rocked out last night
73. You work hard
74. Its your birthday
75. Nobody else wants to touch your stinky feet.
76. I will come to your event or business
77. Your spouse thinks its a good idea.
78. You are a busy bee
79. You are a full time mommy!
80. You can not take the carpal tunnel one more day
81. This tennis elbow is making life horrable
82. You are preparing for a marathon
83. You are recovering from a marathon
84. You were playing tour guide to family
85. You are cramming for that test
86. you got an “a”
87. You got an “f”
88. You just moved
89. You are a truck driver
90. Those heavy dreads are hurting your neck
91. Your heart is broken
92. Do you really need a reason?
93. Its summer
94. Your friend is a massage therapist
95. School vacation!
96. You have body parts yelling at you, you didn’t even know you had!
97. Your mom is never going to use that gift certificate you gave her.
98. Its all the buzz…
99. Its good for your well-beeing


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