Tennis Ball Self Massage Technique

Tennis Ball Self Massage Technique
The Guardian Three-Minute Fix Tennis Ball Massage by Trevor Chisman.

The humble tennis ball is probably one of the best self-massage tools you can have in your armoury. Forget about the expensive, colourful and strange shaped massage tools on the market and get yourself a couple of tennis balls.

The basic idea of tennis ball massage is to trap the ball between your body and something else, this could either be the floor, a wall or even another body part. Be inventive and see what works for you.

The goal of tennis ball massage is to achieve a ‘release’ by applying just the right amount of pressure, enough to get the muscle knot or trigger point to release but not so much as you irritate it. The sensation you feel should be strong but satisfying, what it often referred to as ‘good pain’. If you have to grit your teeth it is probably too much pressure, ease off a bit, you need to be able to relax whilst doing this.

Once you have found the right spot and the right pressure to use, relax as much as possible and wait for the sensation to subside to about 75% of its original intensity. This is the ‘release’ of the knot or trigger point. This may take anywhere between 10 seconds and several minutes.

Tennis ball massage is usually most effective in massaging the large hard to reach muscles of the back and hips. Many other places can be massaged with this technique but tend to be quite awkward to position and apply suitable pressure.

Tennis ball massage usually only provides temporary relief from your symptoms, you will need to continue seeing your therapist to really get the trigger points and knots de-activated.

Here are a few tips that will help to make the effect last longer.

* Only deal with a few knots at a time, starting with the worse
* Use heat as well, have a hot shower or bath before hand or use a hot water bottle to heat the area first
* Avoid physical exertion for 24 hours after treating the knots
* Move and stretch the muscle after gaining the ‘release’ of each knot


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