Yoga and Massage

Yoga 23

Yoga 23 (Photo credit: o0bsessed)

How can massage help your yoga practice?


Ideally muscles slide and glide freely and independently of one another. And while each of us has the potential to voluntarily control all of our skeletal muscles, most of us experience obstacles to that depth of control.


Fascia (connective tissue) is forming between the muscles all the time. Lack of movement, long held postural habits, and injury allow the connective tissue to build up over time so that muscles can’t move freely. Getting in between the muscles, and ‘”freeing” them of each other, allows them to slide and glide independently, bringing more control and freedom of movement. Everything in the body is wrapped in fascia. If the fascia is tight (we hold emotions in our fascia!) the muscles can’t lengthen. Massage lengthens and softens the fascia… bringing greater control of muscle tissue and greater flexibility.


Massage also brings greater awareness to the yoga practitioner. Bodywork increases awareness to areas of muscle tension….some of which we did not previously know existed. We learn that there are whole muscle groups which have been “asleep” in our yoga practice, and we “awaken” to their usefulness and begin to access them in our daily practice.


Trigger points are marble or thumb size areas of hypertonic tissue that create pain and restrict movement. Deactivating trigger points through massage therapy techniques relieves pain and creates openness and increased range of motion.


Throughout the session Ron is also working with attention and intention directed towards healing the energetic body. The philosophy of Yoga does not see these two bodies as separate.


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