Fight The Effects of Cancer with Massage

Twenty percent of cancer patients use massage therapy to provide relief from cancer treatments. According Prevention Magazine, cancer patients can alleviate symptoms of nausea, depression and fatigue. The study included more than 1200 patients who were studied over a period of three years. The study found that massage can lessen the effects of cancer symptoms short term.

Two days after massages, patients reported that anxiety levels were reduced by 52 percent on average, and pain was reduced by 41 percent. Depression reduced by 31 percent, and nausea was reduced by 21 percent. Because of the studies conducted by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, some insurance plans cover massages. Massages received in a hospital are likely to be covered, and massages received through physician referrals are likely to be covered by insurance. Without insurance, massages are likely to cost between $40 and $80 per hour.

Other studies have shown that massages twice per week may help women cope with breast cancer. The massages reportedly reduced fatigue, physical discomfort and mood disturbances. Mood improvements were better in people who were seen regularly by the same therapist. This same study confirmed that massage may reduce pain, anxiety and depression symptoms in breast cancer patients. Though breast cancer was the focus, other cancer patients have benefitted from massage also. From mesothelioma to ovarian cancer patients, massage has been proven effective.

Potential Problems with Massage
Deep tissue massage may be harmful for patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation. These patients have low platelet count and may bruise easily. If a patient has a tumor, the area closest to the tumor should not be massaged. Experts think massaging the area may cause the cancer to spread, but studies are inconclusive.

Patients with osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or other ailments may suffer from bone fracture if too much pressure is applied during massage. These patients should always seek physician advisement before beginning a massage therapy treatment program. Physicians may be able to recommend alternatives.

Consult a Physician
Always consult a physician before beginning a massage regimen. Doctors can determine if there are any health risks that may prevent you from obtaining massages. If there are complications, doctors may recommend a light touch massage or Reiki.

Schedule Your Next Massage

Cancer patients should not feel one ounce of guilt when scheduling multiple massages. In fact, some people may also financial receive help from insurance companies. Consider how a massage can enhance your life, physical well being and mental well being. Schedule a massage and possibly improve your quality of life. Give your mind, body and spirit a vacation from some of your everyday stresses and consul your doctor about seeking a treatment that works best for you and your cancer.


the article originally by: Melanie L.Bowen

Thanks again for all you do in making a difference!


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