Quiet Moments!

Quiet Moments
You arrive for your massage session, eager to relax, to quiet your mind and allow the tension that binds the tight muscles in your neck and shoulders to be released. For the next 60 or 90 minutes you are vaguely aware of the therapist’s hands, the scented oil and the serene background music, but you are not focused on any of it. Here are a few ways to maximize your massage:

1. Schedule your appointment on a day and time that allows you to just go home and relax. Don’t leave your appointment with plans to grocery shop, clean the house or do laundry. Relax, relax and relax some more.
2. Book your next appointment before you leave. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to on your calendar and many clients say that even if they are having a stressful day, they just have to see they have a massage appointment after work and they begin to relax just from that knowledge.
3. Try to limit exposure to people and situations that trigger stress for you, at least for the remainder of the day or evening.
4. Breathe, Breathe, and Breathe! Enjoy your massage sessions and continue to enjoy the relaxed feeling between appointments.

Schedule your appointment and feel wonderful again!


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