Because we do not bend backward very often, we are unaware of just how tight and gripped they really are. Unlike the hamstring muscles, you bend forward and you can feel their tightness.

The quadriceps give you no warning about just how gripped they can become.

As you age they can actually calcify to the thigh bone and their attachments at the knee can often feel like bone.

They can use all kinds of knee problems and can actually prevent the front of the body from lengthening upwards. Along with the hip flexors and adductors, they can prevent you from standing up straight and long when rising from a seated position to standing.

You often see older people who can no longer straighten themselves up from seated to standing. They are also a place of stored emotions stuck in the body. You do not know how strongly they are gripped until you begin to roll through them using your own body weight.

I highly recommend freeing the quadriceps grip once every couple months because it sneaks up and accumulates and you never feel it until it gets so tight or you press into them your self and get a reality chek!

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