Fact Or Fiction

DID YOU KNOW the heart can create enough pressure to pump blood a whopping 30ft (9m) from a severed artery?


FACT OR FICTION: Your personality, decisions, memories, and intelligence are found in your heart, not your brain.


FICTION! (Of course!)

However, the belief in ancient Egypt was that the heart, not the brain, held a person’s intelligence and personality. During mummification, all internal organs were removed and placed into sacred jars, while the heart remained in the body to be weighed in the afterlife.

The brain was removed in a much less delicate manner and discarded—a rod was inserted into the nostril and removed all brain matter through the nasal cavity. It also wasn’t uncommon for the brain to just be left in the body, where it would shrink and disintegrate.

Currently, science places a person’s intelligence and personality in the frontal lobe of the brain.


Our eyes are made of fire and water, and vision is the visualization of what is reflected in the gleam of the eye.


FICTION! (Of course)

However, Alcmaeon of Croton, an ancient Greek science philosopher, believed this was fact!

In reality, the lenses in the eyes focus light to form an image on the retinas. The optic nerve and its connection to the occipital lobe allow us to see things and interpret them.

Alcmaeon didn’t perform any dissections in order to prove his theory, but Aristotle dissected the eyes of animals and discovered poiroi, or channels (i.e., nerves), that linked to the brain.

DID YOU KNOW signals can travel throughout your nervous system as fast as 268mph (431kmh)? That’s faster than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the fastest street-legal car in the world!

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