Good posture was impressed upon us



When you see this picture you might assume that the curvature in the spine does not refer to you. Perhaps you think of it as an ‘old person’s’ malady, with a curvature signature to many people as they age. As a massage therapist looking to solve pain issues, this hyper-kyphosis is commonly seen in younger and younger generations, including teenagers.

Slouching, forward head posture and rounded shoulders from carrying heavy backpacks, studying, looking down at gadgets for long periods of time, and just trying to ‘look cool’ can wreak havoc on the cervical and thoracic spine. The prolonged slouching and bad posture creates an over stretching of the middle back muscles as they are too weak to handle the forces from the front.

Painful trigger points develop in these weak areas. Headaches, neck stiffness, and back spasms often ensue.

It’s okay to tell your kids, “Sit up straight!” They may think you’re nagging but good habits need to start early!


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