Massage for yogis


yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

EVERY yogi knows the feeling – you’re striving for that perfect mind, body, spirit connection – but your body’s just not playing ball. On some days it does, but on other days it just says: “no, no and no … I’m not doing that today.”

The wonderful thing about yoga is that it teaches us that this is OK. Listen to your body, it’s always a better teacher than anyone standing in front of you in a class. But sometimes we could all use just a little extra help with flexibility.

One of the amazing benefits of massage is that it really can help improve your flexibility. Yoga works gradually on increasing your stretching ability, and massage helps boost the natural lubricants in your connective tissue. Combining the two helps give you an even greater range of motion, improves your posture and even your breathing.

By increasing your circulation, yoga combined with massage will help blood move through your body more effectively, which in turn can help lower blood pressure and improve your overall health as well as injury recovery time.

Before or after yoga?

So, is it better to have a massage before or after your yoga session? Well, like most things, that depends. Having a massage before yoga helps warm and stretch your muscles and may help you hold poses for longer. If you are one of those people who have trouble ‘switching off’ in a yoga class, a massage just before may help you with all that internal chattering that most of us suffer from time-to-time.

Massage after yoga is a powerfully relaxing experience and most people feel the positive benefits of combining the two for the rest of the day and evening. Don’t forget, massage is just as effective whether you are fully conscious or half drifting off. Some people prefer to schedule a massage when they know they have more leisure time – it really is just down to personal choice.



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