Forward Head Posture

There is a new term being circulated called “TEXT NECK”. As you can guess, it results from poor posture during texting, e-mailing, and other activities with a smart phone or tablet. This is really just another term for ‘Forward Head Posture‘ or ‘Upper-Crossed Syndrome’ that so commonly afflicts our modern society.

Symptoms of text neck are headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, as well as tingling or numbness of the upper extremities. The prolonged forward head posture puts excessive strain on over-stretched neck/back muscles on the backside, while keeping tight and facilitated muscles in the front of the neck/chest.

Remain mindful of how you use your smartphones and devices. Do you commonly tilt head to one side or the other? Are you looking down all day? Is your core weak? If these habits continue, permanent structural changes may result in the spine, as well as arthritis and chronic pain.


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