Therapeutic Massage For Kids


Children require daily touch for all aspects of proper development, from social to cognitive. Therapeutic Massage has been integrated into the learning environment of swedish school children, with excellent results.

Kids get stressed, although we often consider childhood to be stress-free time in life. Emotional stress often induces muscle tightness in the neck, shoulders, and upper back, which can lead to headaches and constant pain. But up no your child’s specific activities and lifestlye, other areas may need attention as well. There are many stressors for kids beside the emotional.

Other stressors include tension from schoolwork; long hours of intensive focusing; athelic and sports training for gymnastics, soccer, and other sports; social issues; and more. Injuries from sport are addressed, as well as general de-stressing.

All techniques and modalities are employed, though less pressure is utilized than when working with adult clients. Kids massage is a safe and effective way of helping children feel better.

Not only is school work a source of emotional stress, caused by test and quizzes, and looming deadlines for and reports, but also a source of physical stress. Kids sit at their desks for hours and hours, and dont even have the opportunity to get up and stretch. Eyestrain from reading for so many hours also can result, along with backaches from generic non-ergonomically design school furniture, and carrying loads of books back and forth to school.

And so, its really isn’t quite so shocking when we discover that our children are suffering silently with TMJ, headaches, and general anxiety. Therapeutic Massage for kids can help children relax more, and suffer less.


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