What is an Ischial Tuberosity? Definitely… a Pain in the Butt!

Recently, I worked on a client that had pain located at the ischial tuberosity, with some radiation of pain from time to time down the back of the leg.

“Ischial tuberosity pain” is the point of origin of the adductor and hamstring muscles, as well as the sacrotuberous ligaments. The forceful pull of these muscles can happen during a variety of sports, as a result of a trauma, such as a fall or other type of injury, or through the overuse of the hamstrings, as in the case of my client an avid walker.

The symptoms of ischial tuberosity pain are, plain and simple, “a pain in the butt”. Clients will typically describe pain on the bottom of the buttock and in the hamstrings, often quite severe and prolonged when sitting, especially on firm surfaces and when running or lifting objects. The area may also be quite tender and sensitive to touch.
As the point of fusion of the ischium and the pubis, it is attached to various muscles and supports the weight of the body when one is sitting. Ischial tuberosity pain may be experienced by a wide range of athletes and can be more painful than tendonitis.

Massage Therapy definitely does “the pain in the butt” GOOD!



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