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Stair Climbing:

1555371_845755155466889_729534293651674243_nHow many of us walk up in the stairs instead of taking lifts…probably 10 out of 100. But as a practice you should always walk up stairs. Because when you climb up stairs you need to use the muscles against the gravity so they are getting activated/strengthened as well. When you climb down stairs your muscles been taught how to control because you are going towards the gravity. And on top of it your Hip, Knee and Ankle joints being a result you would maintain the mobility too.You almost all the muscles of your Lower Body when you climb up and down stairs. The main muscles are your front and back thigh, buttock and calf muscles. So every time these are getting exercised and will become active as well. If this keeps happening your joints would stay healthy and you can delay arthritic changes that might appear in the joints.

Forward Flexion:

11009097_849105788465159_2199329886493090628_nNext time when you are out for Walking just observe yourself how you walk. Pay attention to how much you swing the hand forwards. Most of us swing our hands forward but we need to swing our hands backward too. Because Forward swinging movement is towards the Gravity thus it’s easier to do it. But the backward swinging is away from the Gravity thus it’s little tough to do it. But what happens over a period of time we only swing it forwards not at all backwards.This is not only with the hands even the Legs we do the same. Morely when we sit…as a child we have always been told to sit straight and upright. But how we all sit with Forward Bending. So as a whole we keep encouraging the Flexion movement than the Extension.Thus your Extension muscles are not being used and it becomes weaker which also an another reason for you to do more Flexion movement. So even as little as possible do Extension movements as well so that your Brain has the memory of it.


10527561_733681930007546_7161020344464053912_nHeadaches are very common and so as the Migraines are these days. Why I say common is these are directly related to Stress and everyone of us has lot of stress. Headache and Migraines are caused/aggravated by the tight Neck Muscles and Higher Vertebrae being stiff as well. Especially a tight Upper Trapezius muscle can cause Headaches and very leads to the more Muscular Imbalance to cause Migraine as well.Not only this Muscle there are other Deep muscles in the Neck muscles gets tight because of the stress and the sedentary lifestyle that we lead these days. For Ex: Sitting in computer for longer hours makes your Upper Trapezius muscle tight and it would lead to immobility of your Vertebrae that causes the Higher Cervical stiffness which in turn lead to Migraines.

Non Specific Lower Back Pain:

10559908_740010379374701_4458428147676541523_nBack Pain is one of the commonest Musculo skeletal problem in the world. But the most common in Back pain is the Non specific one. Which are like postural,muscular imbalance and overuse and all. Yes these days most of the Back pain caused by sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity. And add to that the Long sittings that we do in our day today life which actually makes the Muscles weak and stiff over a period of time and causes the Imbalance all over the body.Interestingly these things can get worse and cause disc issues and lead to lot of Degenerative changes in the Spine. So it’s better to avoid these and be fitter to avoid Back Pain.

Surgery and Muscle Weakness:

10563151_742419622467110_377958025529794916_nWe all have been advised to do Surgery when conservative management tend to fail. But sometimes we have been prescribed Surgery without trying conservative management as well. But we do surgery to fix the Cause but not the symptoms. More importantly we need to take care of the consequences. For Ex; When you get an Arthroscopy done for knee, small cuts/holes made in the Knee to shave off the things. But as a consequence to the cut you would start losing the Muscle mass. because you have been asked to rest for sometime. Not only the Mass your Muscle loses Memory how that Muscle used to function in various movements. In turn this leads to Huge Muscular Imbalance making some more Muscles weak and stiff. At one point you would lose the Total Muscle Mass in some cases as we all design to move but we move with the Imbalance which progresses day by day.

Frozen Shoulder:

10543072_746406665401739_6293896360476857810_nFrozen Shoulder is a condition where your shoulder capsule gets frozen and restricts the Range of Motion greatly. Shoulder becomes very painful and restricts the day to day activities as well. Prevalence is quite high in Females than in Males. Day to day activities also contributes to this when it comes high prevalence in females. As it stays stiff your brain forgets that your shoulder be moving. On top it we stop using our shoulder even if it feels better. Once the mobility and the pain is better you should start using the shoulder at the pain free range, so that the Brain develops muscle memory in turn it would help in making your shoulder mobile as well. And working on the Muscular Imbalances would help in improving the Range in shoulder.


10440732_754485197927219_612728084204701835_nSternocleidomastoid is one of the important muscle in the Neck region which actually acts as a Pillar in the neck.It makes the Neck to side bend,rotate and flex as well.And it is the longest muscle in the Neck.It is also one of the strongest Muscle in the Neck region.As always we adapt wrong posture this muscle gets weaker and makes the head to protrude forward.As a consequence huge muscular imbalance happens which affects the Upper Back,Shoulder as well.More than the strength part this gets stiffer more thus it is very important to stretch this Muscle.



Soreness is a consequence of exercises and activities. When your muscles been worked up to the level of it’s fatiguability it would cause soreness in the muscles exercised or used for an activity. For Ex:If you had a 5 km walk as a beginner the next day you would feel the Leg Muscles are aching and not able to walk as well. You need to be calming this down in initial phases of activities by giving proper gap between the exercises. But recent researches says that you can reduce this by doing a functional activity. For Ex:If you have exercised your legs to the level of fatigue…the next day you should walk which will help in reducing the soreness. As the Lactic Acid which is responsible for the soreness can be used as Fuel for activities. If you wounder how these sports people are able to manage so many matches and win them,it’s just because they take care of the soreness by doing activities and making your body to adopt the routine.

Weight Loss and Strength Training:


The first question we all experience is when we start an exercises session with someone, they ask you Will I be losing weight with Exercises?….the answer is Yes….but it depends on the intensity and frequency of Exercises. Weight Loss can be achieved through Strength Training at any age. As i have discussed that when you are not physically active your muscles also tend to store the Fat…which makes your muscle more inactive and make you gain the weight as well. So when you exercise Fat oxidation happens in which your body uses the Fat stored in the muscles and helps you to perform Exercises. So the more Exercises you do more the Fat will be burnt and eventually you would lose weight.Researches says that this can happen even in 4 weeks time with 5-6 times a week of Strength Training session of 45 minutes duration.

Muscle Definition:


One of the most frequent questions being asked is when will get cuts/definition in the muscles. Some researches say that you need to be working everyday to get cuts in the Muscles and that too do different number of exercises for the same part to get the definition. Actually this is not necessary getting definition in the Muscle depends on the Body type…am not saying it can’t happen to anyone but it varies people to people.People don’t have to do everyday exercises and different number of exercises for the same body part…because it would rather make you weak and eventually you would stop working out due to Fatigue and pain. So it’s better to workout 3 times a week and not different number of exercises for the same body part.. Instead you can do some Functional activity for the same Muscles which will help you get the Definition.This can be done as less as in 4-6 weeks.

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