Soreness is a consequence of exercises and activities. When your muscles been worked up to the level of it’s fatiguability it would cause soreness in the muscles exercised or used for an activity. For Ex:If you had a 5 km walk as a beginner the next day you would feel the Leg Muscles are aching and not able to walk as well. You need to be calming this down in initial phases of activities by giving proper gap between the exercises. But recent researches says that you can reduce this by doing a functional activity. For Ex:If you have exercised your legs to the level of fatigue…the next day you should walk which will help in reducing the soreness. As the Lactic Acid which is responsible for the soreness can be used as Fuel for activities. If you wounder how these sports people are able to manage so many matches and win them,it’s just because they take care of the soreness by doing activities and making your body to adopt the routine.


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