10527561_733681930007546_7161020344464053912_nHeadaches are very common and so as the Migraines are these days. Why I say common is these are directly related to Stress and everyone of us has lot of stress. Headache and Migraines are caused/aggravated by the tight Neck Muscles and Higher Vertebrae being stiff as well. Especially a tight Upper Trapezius muscle can cause Headaches and very leads to the more Muscular Imbalance to cause Migraine as well.Not only this Muscle there are other Deep muscles in the Neck muscles gets tight because of the stress and the sedentary lifestyle that we lead these days. For Ex: Sitting in computer for longer hours makes your Upper Trapezius muscle tight and it would lead to immobility of your Vertebrae that causes the Higher Cervical stiffness which in turn lead to Migraines.


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