Surgery and Muscle Weakness:

10563151_742419622467110_377958025529794916_nWe all have been advised to do Surgery when conservative management tend to fail. But sometimes we have been prescribed Surgery without trying conservative management as well. But we do surgery to fix the Cause but not the symptoms. More importantly we need to take care of the consequences. For Ex; When you get an Arthroscopy done for knee, small cuts/holes made in the Knee to shave off the things. But as a consequence to the cut you would start losing the Muscle mass. because you have been asked to rest for sometime. Not only the Mass your Muscle loses Memory how that Muscle used to function in various movements. In turn this leads to Huge Muscular Imbalance making some more Muscles weak and stiff. At one point you would lose the Total Muscle Mass in some cases as we all design to move but we move with the Imbalance which progresses day by day.


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