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Heel Strike vs Mid foot Landing:

1545773_862252387150499_3319283086691989344_nThere is a Huge debate on whether people should land on their heel or on their mid foot. Mid foot landing said to be reducing the Impact to the whole bio mechanical chain. But in terms of performance it reduces the stride length thus the speed gets affected. In Heel strike which is a part of a Gait cycle you would have that push off phase which helps in increasing the speed and the Strides are longer too in this. But yes if you keep on landing on the Heel heavily it tends to affect the whole Bio mechanical chain. So when you Running pay attention to your body how it’s reacting because you can land on the Heel or Mid foot but it depends on the few factors mentioned above. On top of it in both you should figure it out how is the rest of the body reacting to it. Based on that you could choose to be a Heel Strike Runner or a Mid foot Landing Runner.

Fat Gain:

11061688_858155000893571_1502759425377322615_nHow we all gain Fat…there are two main reasons for it. One is Eating/Unhealthy eating…the other one is being physically inactive. We all eat more than what it’s needed for us to function….at least 30% more. Surprisingly even if you eat 30% less from today onwards not only it’s enough for you to function but with that much of consumption you can indulge yourself in some Physical Activity as well. Let’s see what happens when you eat…it accumulates as Fat in the Zones of our body and on top we don’t move at all. So that Fat burn never happens instead it keeps getting accumulated. Which also a reason for you to be more Inactive. Almost all of us has an habit of Unhealthy eating as well. If you eat unhealthy once a while if you burn that by doing enough Physical Activity it would burn that. Even as of today if you start consuming the right amount of food and exercise you will burn lot of Fat.



These days everyone has Mobile Phones and all of us are on it all the times. Holding the phone and doing any prolonged activities like texting and playing games makes your palm muscles weaker and puts the wrist under the wrist. Over a period of time the stress gets transmitted till the neck and the shoulder. We keep our neck bent forward all the time,over a period the neck gets stiffer and weaker as well. Repetitive stress around the wrist can compress the nerves and can make your muscles more weaker as well

Length and Strength:

1907468_856025324439872_2541873053057307051_nYour muscles needs to be in proper Length to gain Strength completely in a Muscle. That is why it’s not a Good idea to start the strengthening right away without stretching/lengthening the muscle. If you wonder how the sports people are able to generate force every time. They make sure that all the muscles have the length first before the work on the strength. When your muscle does not have the Length it won’t gain the strength totally which makes some of your muscle fibers inactive. So over a period of time the Active fibers begin to dominate the Dormant fibers which remains Inactive. This also would lead to shortening of the muscle more. Thus it’s important to lengthen the muscles.


1464698_695403940502012_3602323319968940533_nSpondylolisthesis is a condition that happens in Lower Back.Listhesis means slipping of the One Vertabrae on the other one. The vertabrae usually slips forward that causes pain in the Lower Back.Lets see why tis happens.Slipping of the Vertabrae happens because of the weakness in the muscles that leads to excessive pressure on particluar level of the Vertabrae.Which gets slip forward when sudden impact happens in that area. Very rarely along with this people has a Stress Fracture in the spine as well. It happens especially to the people who involved in Sports and Dance as well.You need to be stronger in Lower Back muscles to avoid this Injury and to prevent it as well.

Back Pain in Pregnant women


Back pain during and post the pregnancy is one of the commonest thing in today’s life amongst the pregnant women. You might have seen Pregnant women holding their back or asking someone to rub their back. During pregnancy there is a hormonal changes happens in your body. As a result the body secretes a hormone called Relaxin. As the name suggests it relaxes your muscles, ligaments and your pelvis during pregnancy. So that your pelvis become wider during the birth. The size of uterus stretches your abdominal muscles further so it increases the arch in your lower back. As the size of the uterus becomes bigger it’s starts compressing the discs in between your spine in lower back. Then your nerves also getting pinched by the discs. When a nerve is getting pinched it weakens the correspondence muscles. As a result pregnant women has very weak and aching lowerback. Sometimes they have pain going to the legs as well. As a result your posture and the center of gravity is getting affected. So it is better to work on your Lower Back and make it stronger at least after the Pregnancy.

Nerve Compression

10346650_711760718866334_944443337849090657_nWe keep hearing people saying that the Nerve is compressed…..famously you might have heard that Sciatica which is a compression of Sciatic nerve. How this compression of Nerve happens…..there are Two things that causes the compression majorly. One is in your spine there is a thing called Disc which acts as a Shock absorber between Vertebraes. Which are made up of water. So that it provides the cushion effect. Usually when Disc gets out of place it tends to compress the nerve which are on the exits of the Discs. Basically the Disc comes out of it’s place and presses the Nerve. The other one is Tight muscles. Nerves are deep inside in your Musculo-skeletal system. When muscles get really tight it begins to Compress the Nerves. Which is more straight forward than the Disc one,because once you release the Muscle the Compression in the Nerve will be lesser. But in both the cases it’s not more about the compression it’s about the consequences. When a Nerve has been pressed it weakens the Muscles that are supplied by the Nerve. That usually becomes a problem and needs to be treated.

Women and Strength:

10710913_854552871253784_709979015754668206_nThere are enough researches quoting that today’s women needs more Strength…as they suffer from less calcium and low bone density levels and all. These days women have become multi rolls to play either at home or at work. Thus it is very important to be doing some Strength Training in some form. Studies show that Strength Training helps in reducing/controlling Osteoporosis in women. Even women’s who are diagnosed with BMD level perform better if they add Strength Training to their regime. Besides this Strength Training and Physical activities like walking,running helps you reducing the Physical and Mental stress. It’s proven that a Women who is Physically Active and does Strength Training performs better at work,home and their Activities of daily life becomes easier as well. So It is very important for every women to devote time for themselves and become more Stronger and Active.

Cold and Hot application:

11042944_852705771438494_2619588853935945675_nHow many of us knows the importance of using Hot and Cold packs for the Musculo skeletal aches and pains and for the muscle recovery. Hot and Cold packs have different way of working in your muscles. Hot packs dilate your blood vessel to increase the blood flow thus it helps in reducing the inflammatory signs like Swelling and Pain. Cold packs constrict your blood vessels…but once you remove the cold pack it enhances the blood flow to that area which helps in reducing Inflammation. Besides these purposes It can used for enhancing the blood flow to loosen up the stiffer muscles. It helps immensely to reduce the soreness of the muscles which helps in gaining the length of the muscles back after the workout. So next time when you had to climb lot of stairs use Cold/Hot pack to recover and climb the next day. Same applies for the workouts you do as well.

Immobilization and Muscular Imabalance

1642_517653811610360_334068918_nWhen part of your body have been immobilized for a over a period of time say like 4-6 weeks…..the first thing happens is the muscles around the area goes for stiffness, because of deprived blood supply over a period of time…..then slowly the weakness starts as well. To compensate the other muscles will start contributing to it and that’s when the Imbalance starts happening. You need to be moving the other parts of the body well to avoid the Imbalance. Proper Rehabilitation to restore the movement and to reduce the stiffness is very essential in this cases.

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