F10392286_835024326539972_8543764605378113320_nracture is one of the most commonest injure that we encounter very frequently. It’s not that easy to break a bone provided there is lot force and momentum applied to it. Besides that how a fracture can happen….It happens due to Trauma,Weak Bones and more important which we all forgot is weaker Muscles. Yes….you heard it right a weak muscle can weaken the Bone as well. When your muscles are weaker the load is quite a bit to the Bone thus it would break any time. What to be done once the Fracture is healed is more important. Whether you get an immobilization or surgery done…It is very important to strengthen the muscles around the Fracture area which help in healing the Fracture completely and to restore the Function as well. Usually the muscles get atrophied during the immobilization period which needs to be strengthened and to be restored to the normal level so that you can Function well again.


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