Cold and Hot application:

11042944_852705771438494_2619588853935945675_nHow many of us knows the importance of using Hot and Cold packs for the Musculo skeletal aches and pains and for the muscle recovery. Hot and Cold packs have different way of working in your muscles. Hot packs dilate your blood vessel to increase the blood flow thus it helps in reducing the inflammatory signs like Swelling and Pain. Cold packs constrict your blood vessels…but once you remove the cold pack it enhances the blood flow to that area which helps in reducing Inflammation. Besides these purposes It can used for enhancing the blood flow to loosen up the stiffer muscles. It helps immensely to reduce the soreness of the muscles which helps in gaining the length of the muscles back after the workout. So next time when you had to climb lot of stairs use Cold/Hot pack to recover and climb the next day. Same applies for the workouts you do as well.


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