Back Pain in Pregnant women


Back pain during and post the pregnancy is one of the commonest thing in today’s life amongst the pregnant women. You might have seen Pregnant women holding their back or asking someone to rub their back. During pregnancy there is a hormonal changes happens in your body. As a result the body secretes a hormone called Relaxin. As the name suggests it relaxes your muscles, ligaments and your pelvis during pregnancy. So that your pelvis become wider during the birth. The size of uterus stretches your abdominal muscles further so it increases the arch in your lower back. As the size of the uterus becomes bigger it’s starts compressing the discs in between your spine in lower back. Then your nerves also getting pinched by the discs. When a nerve is getting pinched it weakens the correspondence muscles. As a result pregnant women has very weak and aching lowerback. Sometimes they have pain going to the legs as well. As a result your posture and the center of gravity is getting affected. So it is better to work on your Lower Back and make it stronger at least after the Pregnancy.


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