Nerve Compression

10346650_711760718866334_944443337849090657_nWe keep hearing people saying that the Nerve is compressed…..famously you might have heard that Sciatica which is a compression of Sciatic nerve. How this compression of Nerve happens…..there are Two things that causes the compression majorly. One is in your spine there is a thing called Disc which acts as a Shock absorber between Vertebraes. Which are made up of water. So that it provides the cushion effect. Usually when Disc gets out of place it tends to compress the nerve which are on the exits of the Discs. Basically the Disc comes out of it’s place and presses the Nerve. The other one is Tight muscles. Nerves are deep inside in your Musculo-skeletal system. When muscles get really tight it begins to Compress the Nerves. Which is more straight forward than the Disc one,because once you release the Muscle the Compression in the Nerve will be lesser. But in both the cases it’s not more about the compression it’s about the consequences. When a Nerve has been pressed it weakens the Muscles that are supplied by the Nerve. That usually becomes a problem and needs to be treated.


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