Women and Strength:

10710913_854552871253784_709979015754668206_nThere are enough researches quoting that today’s women needs more Strength…as they suffer from less calcium and low bone density levels and all. These days women have become multi rolls to play either at home or at work. Thus it is very important to be doing some Strength Training in some form. Studies show that Strength Training helps in reducing/controlling Osteoporosis in women. Even women’s who are diagnosed with BMD level perform better if they add Strength Training to their regime. Besides this Strength Training and Physical activities like walking,running helps you reducing the Physical and Mental stress. It’s proven that a Women who is Physically Active and does Strength Training performs better at work,home and their Activities of daily life becomes easier as well. So It is very important for every women to devote time for themselves and become more Stronger and Active.


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