Fat Gain:

11061688_858155000893571_1502759425377322615_nHow we all gain Fat…there are two main reasons for it. One is Eating/Unhealthy eating…the other one is being physically inactive. We all eat more than what it’s needed for us to function….at least 30% more. Surprisingly even if you eat 30% less from today onwards not only it’s enough for you to function but with that much of consumption you can indulge yourself in some Physical Activity as well. Let’s see what happens when you eat…it accumulates as Fat in the Zones of our body and on top we don’t move at all. So that Fat burn never happens instead it keeps getting accumulated. Which also a reason for you to be more Inactive. Almost all of us has an habit of Unhealthy eating as well. If you eat unhealthy once a while if you burn that by doing enough Physical Activity it would burn that. Even as of today if you start consuming the right amount of food and exercise you will burn lot of Fat.


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