Heel Strike vs Mid foot Landing:

1545773_862252387150499_3319283086691989344_nThere is a Huge debate on whether people should land on their heel or on their mid foot. Mid foot landing said to be reducing the Impact to the whole bio mechanical chain. But in terms of performance it reduces the stride length thus the speed gets affected. In Heel strike which is a part of a Gait cycle you would have that push off phase which helps in increasing the speed and the Strides are longer too in this. But yes if you keep on landing on the Heel heavily it tends to affect the whole Bio mechanical chain. So when you Running pay attention to your body how it’s reacting because you can land on the Heel or Mid foot but it depends on the few factors mentioned above. On top of it in both you should figure it out how is the rest of the body reacting to it. Based on that you could choose to be a Heel Strike Runner or a Mid foot Landing Runner.


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