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TRX workouts:

10408770_879746992067705_3428223157975872450_nTRX is an equipment designed to use your body weight to do the workouts.Your body is in the Air in order to suspend the weight in the equipment. Since you need to use your body you need to be using each and every muscle of your body to do one single exercise. Thus activates the deep lying core muscles to Stabilize the body during the workouts. Since you need to be using the whole body and taking the load in various parts of the body the workout makes you to get the shape and cuts in the muscles. Because it’s a whole body workout if you do it over a period it works in your Cardio as well. But the most important thing about this workout is you need to have Basic Strength to even to basic exercises with this equipment.


Foot Drop:

1555544_877388682303536_1356615277306921776_nFoot Drop is a condition where nerve supplies the muscles of the front portion of foot gets paralyzed. It could be due to a Disc bulge happening in the Lower Back or it is can happen due to the injury to the nerve. Can we correct this…especially after a while..people usually advised Orthosis to facilitate the movement. But can it recover without the Nerve is getting repaired. Yes it can you need to be working on the Muscle Training and activate the group of Muscles involved in it. The most important thing in this would be creating the lost Muscular Memory. First re educating the Muscles about the slight contractions of the Particular and Activating it. thus you would build up the memory in the Brain for that particular Action. Then use your own body weight to Facilitate the contraction in the Muscles. By doing this you would be building up memory and Strength in those Muscles

Push Up’s:

10985219_873990812643323_6229260977429560397_nPush Up used to be the best exercise and even these days it is largely done. If you have is it a good exercise…the answer is if it’s done in a right way then it is. When you do Push Up more emphasis should be on the Shoulder Blade muscles Rhomboids and Serratus Anterior once Rhomboids gets tired.But we all wanting our Chest to work at least that is what we have been told to look for.Besides this Push up as an exercise puts a lot of pressure in the Wrist because the load is thorough the wrist.So in that sense it would affect the pliability of wrist and would make it stiff as well. But as a functional exercise this is the best exercise to activate the Rhomboids.

Use it or Lose it:

934611_526356507406757_645474946_nEveryone has Basic strength, but if you are leading a sedentary life,you will lose the strength. What i mean by that is you will have problem doing your day to day activities…..people might argue how can that happen.Yes it happens and we see it,because these days people are sitting more than moving.Sitting for longer periods makes your muscles weaker and stiffer…..and over a period of time you will start losing the Basic strength you had. So the point is indulge yourself in some Physical Activity,to at least to keep the muscles active.

Pain and Brain:

164967_520779191297822_522215183_nLook at this Guy how happily he is smiling……sometimes that’s all we need to be doing to take the aches and pains. As we all know that the pain is controlled by Brain…’s proven that over a period of time any chronic pain that we have becomes psycological…..since we start thinking about it too much. Even the pain becomes better physically some patients still don’t agree it…..because it has gotten in to their Head. So pain is not a big deal if you don’t think about it…..if you keep on thinking about it,you will then have to live with it.

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