Foot Drop:

1555544_877388682303536_1356615277306921776_nFoot Drop is a condition where nerve supplies the muscles of the front portion of foot gets paralyzed. It could be due to a Disc bulge happening in the Lower Back or it is can happen due to the injury to the nerve. Can we correct this…especially after a while..people usually advised Orthosis to facilitate the movement. But can it recover without the Nerve is getting repaired. Yes it can you need to be working on the Muscle Training and activate the group of Muscles involved in it. The most important thing in this would be creating the lost Muscular Memory. First re educating the Muscles about the slight contractions of the Particular and Activating it. thus you would build up the memory in the Brain for that particular Action. Then use your own body weight to Facilitate the contraction in the Muscles. By doing this you would be building up memory and Strength in those Muscles


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