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Sitting Disease:

Yes you read it correct…Long sitting has become a disease and causes serious life threatening diseases like Diabets ,Heart diseases and sedentary lifestyle would lead to Cancer as well. Long sitting de conditions your muscles as well which leads to Back pain and posture related issues. Actually Sitting has become a Habit for all of us. Moving has become a toughest task. But it’s the time we need to be doing something about it. To began with you can avoid Sitting for longer hours as that’s what causes all problems. You should try and get up every 30 mins if you need to be sitting for long. Once in half an hour you could do the exercises in the picture in order to keep your muscles pliable and not to get tighter. Sitting has become such a big problem that people are beginning do their work with Standing Desks.




Quadriceps is he the biggest and an important muscle in our body. It has four Muscles in it. All of them had to work to make you walk better’climb better and it has much more functions. But all these muscle work effectively in us. Since it’s very important to get all of them working. More than this it’s very important to keep this Muscle Active. Having an Inactive Quadriceps muscles leads to patellar mal tracking which in turn leads to Arthiritic changes in the knee joint. Thus it’s very important keep this muscle Active. Let’s see how to keep it Active. A simple way is to keep walking and the best way would be climbing stairs. If this muscle is active in your body it would be helping you to do many physical activities without getting injuries 11014821_925703070805430_6579634985656042070_n

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