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Shoulder Blades

Shoulder Blades/Scapula plays an important role in your Shoulder Stability. It helps maintains the posture well so that your shoulder is not getting injured. But most of us have an Unstable Shoulder Blade which would actually leads us to Injuries in the Neck and Shoulder. One important factor contributes the Instability is the weakening of the Upper Back muscles. This happens because of 2 reasons. One if you working out your Chest muscles quite a bit,because of that the Shoulder drawn forward so that it weakens the Muscles which maintains the stability of the Shoulder Blade. The other important reason is Long sitting in slouched way. Because of this Your Shoulder drawn forward thus it weakens the Muscles which provides stability of the Shoulder Blades. Over a period of time it leads to posrural changes such as Stoop Back,Rounded Shoulders, Forward Neck and it would actually lead to Muscle Tear in Shoulder. This it is very important to work on the Stability of Shoulder Blade and make them stronger.



Excessive Calories

We all like to eat and as a fact we all over eat. Have we ever thought about how much calories we consume when we eat food. We actually eat more than what we need to function. And we keep consuming more and more calories and on top we don’t burn them. We keep adding them everyday the it gets converted into Fat. That’s how yo start gaining weight/kilos/ pounds. Am not saying don’t eat but for sure don’t over eat. Even if you consume the right amount of calories also you need to be sending them. So the best way not to get fat is consume the right amount of calories and burn it by doing regular Physical Activities.


Be Active

How many of us are being As Active As how we used to be in our younger days. We don’t as a fact we stopped moving at all. Researches says that we should move as much as possible. Even if you are not able to Exercises just try to be Active throughout the Day. Prolonged In activeness leads to de-conditioning of the muscles which leads to weakness and would eventually leads to Arthiritic changes in the joints. All you need to be doing is be active in any form. Ranging from just moving the Hands to walking,climbing stairs etc. Your Muscle needs a memory to function.If you don’t keep them Active it will lose the memory and will make you Inactive.


Nerve Root Pain:

You have must heard from MRI reports or your Doctors saying that the Slip Disc is causing the Nerve Root pain. Let’s see what happens in first case, when the Disc gets compressed it tend to come put of the place and presses the Nerve which is on the either side of the Vertebrae. Based on which level of Vertebrae compression happens it affects the whole Nerve Root. For Ex:Sciatic Nerve Root compression causes the pain,numbness,weakness in the whole leg.Because the Nerve Root supplies blood supply to the whole leg. Hence it weakens the whole Leg and causes Limping and Pain down the Leg as well. That is the reason people who has Nerve Root pain are not able to stand for long and sit for long, because of the Nerve Root irritation which actually gets worse because of the weaker Muscles.


Sleeping On Mattress:

How many times you have woken up with Low Back and Neck pain after your sleep.How many times you have noticed your Mattress whether it’s taking your shape or not. Researches says that Mattress plays an important role in mainlining your posture while sleeping. Because if the Mattress sinks your Lower Back arches quite a bit thus it makes the muscles stiffer over a period of time.Then your Spine becomes immobile because of the weak and stiff muscles. That’s why feel a Stiff back in the mornings when you wake up. Same goes for the Neck as well,when Upper Back sinks it makes your Neck muscle stiff in turn it causes Neck spasm and all. Sometimes it leads to Nerve root irritation hence it causes Weakness and Numbness and all. So you Mattress shouldn’t be too soft of too hard either. It should be a medium one which keeps holding your Posture well.

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