Sleeping On Mattress:

How many times you have woken up with Low Back and Neck pain after your sleep.How many times you have noticed your Mattress whether it’s taking your shape or not. Researches says that Mattress plays an important role in mainlining your posture while sleeping. Because if the Mattress sinks your Lower Back arches quite a bit thus it makes the muscles stiffer over a period of time.Then your Spine becomes immobile because of the weak and stiff muscles. That’s why feel a Stiff back in the mornings when you wake up. Same goes for the Neck as well,when Upper Back sinks it makes your Neck muscle stiff in turn it causes Neck spasm and all. Sometimes it leads to Nerve root irritation hence it causes Weakness and Numbness and all. So you Mattress shouldn’t be too soft of too hard either. It should be a medium one which keeps holding your Posture well.


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