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Rib Cage

Rib cage helps the Lungs to be protected from direct Injuries. Besides it has lot more functions.Have you ever analysed how you are Breathing while you Sitting, Walking and Running and all. We all don’t breathe optimally.As in we don’t expand our Lungs efficiently. The main reason for that is Our Rib cage doesn’t expand due to external stress applied to it. Not only that If your Rib cage doesn’t expand well it leads to many consequences like Muscular Imbalances that would actually cause Postural changes. Because when the Rib cage doesn’t move well it makes the Vertebrae stiff as well. Thus it makes the muscles around it get stiffer and leads to postural changes in the upper back.In terms of Breathing You need to practice how to Expand the chest during Breathing which should be followed during Walking and Running as well.



Ankle Strength:

If a stepped into a Stone while you walking does your Ankle feels Pain or Unstable. Or how many times you have paid attention to your Ankles in terms making it stronger. Ankle strength plays an important role in the whole biomechanical chain of the body. If you have a Strong Ankles it helps in preventing the Degeneration of bones in the knees as well. Besides this Ankle strength gives you enough ground reaction force so that the shock absorption to the rest of the body happens well.When it comes to sports people it’s very important to have Stronger and Stable Ankle so that the ground clearance happens well. While you Run/Walk your Feet needs to go up and down,only Stronger muscles will help you to get that motion throughout the Walk/Run.


Running for 24 hours

Yes you have read it right. People Run for 24 hours,
actually more than that. But how do they do it. It sounds very Crazy to us. No one is born with these kind of capabilities. They built it up over a period of time. What is more important is you need to build up the Muscle Memory to do this longer. For that your muscles needs to be stronger and active too. In fact our body is not made to do this. But when you train slowly the Adaption happens. When i slowly it takes years to get there. So if you want to get there you need to slowly make the Muscles adapted to it. But the people who are able to convert themselves for this kind of Activities keep themselves Active. As it’s proven you need to Walk a lot in order to make the Muscles memory.11924536_944474708928266_3650385544229639095_n

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