Shoulder pain


Shoulder pain- The SITS muscles (or the rotator cuffs) are 4 principal muscles of the shoulder. Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Subscapularis. These muscles and their tendons help to keep the upper arm bone in the shoulder socket whilst allowing for movement of the arm💪🏼. These muscles are relatively small and so have to work hard🔧🔩 to hold the bones in place and are subject to frequent injury. Pain within the shoulder is frequently considered to be coming from the joint itself yet very often trigger points within these muscles develop and refer pain to other predictable areas. This becomes confusing to anyone who is not aware of trigger points and their pain referral pattern. Muscles with trigger points will not be functioning to their full potential. Like a string quarter, the shoulder muscles should work in harmony. If one or more of the shoulder muscles has trigger points it will be weakened and therefore will not function to its full potential. This means surrounding muscles take up the slack, acting as an internal splint to the injured muscle, and they in turn will tire quickly and develop further trigger points. The knock on effect can cause global pain (within the shoulder area) and so the diagnosis of ‘frozen shoulder’ might be given. 🙅🏼Eliminating the trigger points in these muscles can start the recovery process long before talk of letting it ride itself out…or at worst, having surgery.⛑ They will not build mass and they will fatigue easy!!!! To try to strengthen a muscle that still harbours trigger points will most likely exacerbate the pain. ☠


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