– often first thought is that they just contract and relax, go hard or soft, 💪🏼 or weak. If you can flip your perspective for just a ⏱, a way to frame their function is that they are providers of 🔋 and shock absorbers for anti-gravitation.

So instead of benchmarking yourself just by measures strength, power, endurance etc, a more interesting way is to think about energy cost required for a given activity and energy as a 💲. Your health and overall wellbeing is a determinant of how much energy you can 💸


Factors such as aging, stress, overtraining, undertraining, tight muscles, weak muscles, lack of oxygen, posture etc will influence your reserves. Similar to 💰, the less you have, the less you can technically buy. So let’s forget perfect form, perfect movement, tight muscles, weak muscles and pain for a second


Let’s talk more about how you decide to 💳 your limited energy to pick activities. For a simplified example, if you have poor grip ✋🏼, the amount of activities you have available at your disposal are relatively limited than someone who’s got good grip strength – hence, it will be easy for one person to carry groceries versus another person to carry groceries


Someone will have 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ units of energy to use and another will have 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣. Since the weight, bag shape, awkward contents of the 🍏 is constant, it means that it’s safe to say the energy cost to carry them is 50 units


One individual is going to have to go home and take an ❄️ bath after while the other is going to the gym after to 🏋🏾, ⛹ and 🏌 and then after, go do 3 hours of 💻 and then hang out with 👪 .

People who are relatively stronger tend to have more energy and tend to have more abilities to adapt compared to their relatively weaker counterparts , and the reason being is they’ve been able to bank a tonne of energy reserve, they rarely spend their energy into a deficit 📉 and they are constantly doing health-promoting activities to get more energy 📈


So forget muscles and aesthetics or how much you squat for now, but ask yourself how do you think your life would feel if you had an extra 25% more 🔋… Or what about UNLIMITED ENERGY??!? 


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