A person who lies down on his back and tries to sense his entire body systematically—that is, turning his attention to every limb and part of the body in turn—finds that certain sections respond easily, while others remain mute or dull and beyond the range of his awareness. It is thus easy to sense the fingertips or lips, but much harder to sense the back of the head at the nape, between the ears. Naturally, the degree of difficulty is individual, depending on the form of the self-image. Generally speaking, it will be difficult to find a person whose whole body is equally accessible to his awareness. .


The parts of the body that are easily defined in the awareness are those that serve man daily, while the parts that are dull or mute in his awareness play only an indirect role in his life and are almost missing from his self-image when he is in action. A man who cannot jump will not be aware of those parts of the body involved that are clearly defined to a man who is able to jump. The problem lies in that the world is a random place and the less you can adapt your body to succeed in an environment, the more likely an injury can occur. 


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