Rectus Abdominis known as the 6 pack is one of the outer corsets of the core. The inner corset is the Transversus Abdominis. The Rectus Abdominis runs vertically from breastbone to pubic bone. It functions to bend your trunk forward and contributes to generalized trunk stability but does not attach to the spine so can’t give it direct support. Often due to obsessive overtraining(sit-ups), poor posture and emotional stress it can become overly short and tight. When this happens a few things can occur.

1️⃣ The chest and pelvis will be drawn together which will flatten the lumbar spine putting excessive pressure on the lumbar disc.
2️⃣ Downward drag of your ribcage restricts your diaphragm leading to upper chest breathing.
3️⃣ Back muscles working harder to keep you upright due to shortening of the front which may lead to low back and mid back pain. Trigger points referring to a band across the low or mid back or classic symptoms.
4️⃣ Restricts the freedom of movement of the whole body. (*try contracting your abs while standing up by flattening out your back drawing in your ribcage and tucking your tail under. Try walking around with this tension and notice how it blocks freedom of movement of your whole body. With the tail tuck under you should notice your legs can’t move freely)
5️⃣ Compresses the core and closes your structure.
6️⃣ One of the key muscles responsible for posterior pelvic tilt

If you have any of the above points this muscle is most likely short and it is best to release it to correct your structure and relieve pain. 


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