Ankle problems

Ankle problems? Clinically I see this a lot and unfortunately see a lot of practitioners missing the function of the retinacula around ankle and rightly so as research regarding this tissue and its function is fairly new. Interesting points…not all fascia is created equal. Some has been shown to be important in force-transmitting yet contain hardly any proprioceptive endings. On the other hand, some fascial structures such as the ankle (and wrist) retinacula seem to have very little roll in force- transmission. Instead, these more obliquely aligned fascial bands (see pic) seem to be located at specific approximations to major joints and they contain a VERY high density of proprioceptive nerve endings. Some researchers even suggest that the prime function of these bands may not be their biomechanical but rather their sensorial function in providing detailed proprioception to the central nervous system. Practically translated…when someone has an ankle problems, be it acute or chronic, think superficial before deep. The very “stuff” anatomist cut away is now becoming a big subject of practical interest due to the density of receptors/information about our position, movement in gravity. I see way too many people after an ankle injury immobilized, makes very little sense (get it), you need movement it just has to be adjusted to meet the tissues tolerance! I think most people don’t move as their afraid and not educated as to how to move safely. We are way to complex to stop moving, brace it and throw ice on it. Movement within threshold, heals, basic biology! Hope you enjoy!


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