Joint limitation, wherever found, generally results from some accident that has stretched one muscle or muscle group beyond its limit of elasticity


In the picture above you can see in 1️⃣ how an anterior tilt of the pelvis will affect the joints and basically internally rotate your femur and tibia as well as pronate your foot


In 2️⃣ you see how coupled with the joint mechanics of 1️⃣ you will get a specific pattern of muscle compensations to go along with your anterior tilt


Without outside help, the muscle cannot return to a balance state and get out of anterior tilt 😞(or any position of poor posture for that matter) .

Without the addition of outside energy🔋, it becomes permanently fixed


Then over time⌛️, this deficiency must then be compensated by structures elsewhere in the body


On any joint, this describes the progressive limitation too often oversimplified as “aging” 👴🏼 .

Translation: People get fxcked up over time because no one ever addresses all theses mini-imbalances that stack up


Then injury happens ➡️then fear of movement sets in ➡️then muscle wasting starts ➡️then you can no longer move as well as you used too and finally your doctor/therapist blames it on “aging” and you’re left with little to no hope


✅But the reality is, there is HOPE: all you need to do is RESET the tone in all your problematic muscles, get them working in balance with proper joint mobility and you’re good as NEW, regardless of age

-Ron therapy 


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