Hamstring tightness

Tried Stretching Your Hamstrings But Still Feel Really Tight? Do you feel the stiffness into your knees? Here is the main reason…—

Pretty much everyone I meet in the clinic or the gym complains of having tight hamstrings… and most say they have tried stretching but nothing has changed!

And everyone tries to touch their toes, and when they can’t, they immediately go to static stretch the hammies.

🔹What if I told you, for most people, your hamstrings are actually too long, not too tight?

If the above describes you… check your hip flexor length! Chances are they are super tight.

🔹The reason is called an Anterior Pelvic Tilt and is common because of our desk/car bound lifestyle these days. The abs and hamstrings get relatively lengthened, and the hip flexors and low back extensor muscles get shortened.

🔹So when you stand, your hamstrings are being stretched already. The receptors in the muscle tell your brain to STOP because it’s trying to protect itself from injury.

That is why it feels tight!

🔹How To FIX: Stretch your hip flexors. Strengthen your core. Learn how to posteriorly tilt your pelvis. Practice diaphragmatic breathing.

Notice how none of these involve your hamstrings. That’s because it’s the symptom not the cause.

Try those things out and watch your hamstrings become “less tight”!


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