Daily Archives: March 2, 2017


The thoracic spine naturally curves forward, known as a kyphosis. Day to day 📱 habits and 💻 lifestyles typically have us curled forwards, increasing this kyphotic curve. And because we tend to spend hours in that position, we begin to lock our bodies down into that posture.
Then one day you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror 😲, and see that hunchback you’ve formed. You’ve locked yourself into that increased kyphotic curve, now having a HYPERKYPHOSIS.
Getting yourself 🔓 unlocked again takes just as much time as it took to get you stuck there. But it can often be done. You just have to make daily habits changes and put in work to make the change.
Check the pic here. The Shortened muscles often need some TLC in the form of ↔ mobility work. The Stretched muscles need improvements in end range 💪 strength and endurance to hold you up again.

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