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I’ve seen a lot of guys carrying around 🎒 big gym bags all day slung over one shoulder. And no doubt, quite a few of them felt it at the end of the day in their low back.
Your spine is built as a very mobile structure, with support and stability provided by a 🌐 guy wire system of muscles. Optimal stability is achieved when you have equal tension and strength built on all sides.
Most of you have a preferred side to carry things, whether it be a gym bag, a purse, or when you 😠 try to get all the groceries in in one trip (you know you do). And over time, all that weight loaded on one side can create a strength and tension imbalance from side to side.
The Quadratus Lumborum is one of the ↔ lateral stability muscles of your core, keeping you from toppling over to one side or the other. One of the best ways to train the QL is through ⛃ heavy carries. Holding a weight on one side, works the opposite QL as it keeps you upright.
This is basically what you do when you carry your bag on one side. You are training your QL. But if you carry it only on one side, you can create an imbalance as well as overwork and fatigue the one you constantly stress.
So practical applications:

🔹Switch up which side you carry your bag on.

🔹Incorporate suitcase carries into your training to balance out both sides and build a core as solid as @therock’s.

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