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The role of the hip flexors and how they impact overall alignment. The hip flexors are quite complex due to the number of muscles that actually contribute to hip flexion.


What’s interesting is that these can be an issue across a wide range of people from the very athletic to the traditional desk worker.


Typically discussed are the following muscles:

👉🏼Psoas major



But in addition to these there are a number of other muscles from other muscle groups which also play a role in flexion the hip:

👉🏼Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL) of the gluteal muscle group

👉🏼Rectus femoris of the quadriceps


👉🏼Pectineus (adductor group)

👉🏼Adductor Longus (adductor group)

👉🏼Adductor Brevis (adductor group)

👉🏼Gracilis (adductor group)


Furthermore, the adductor muscle groups can even be divided into two parts based on their action. Believe it or not, they can actually FLEX AND EXTEND the hip. I know, right?😅


From this list we can see how important it is to understand various aspects of someones activity patterns that may point us in the proper direction when dealing with issues around the hip. These muscles will work in different amounts depending on the specific tasks and position of the leg itself.


As these muscles are “HIP FLEXORS” the corresponding action on the pelvis is a an anterior tilt of the pelvis (APT).


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