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About CLICKING or SNAPPING you feel in the hips?😫


As highlighted in the picture, a snapping feeling in the front area of the hip/groin region could be from the tendons of the illiacus/psoas muscles that are rolling over something called the ILIOPECTINEAL EMINENCE (say that one 5 times fast 😐) as the ILIOPOAS BURSA may be inflammed.


This issue is called INTERNAL IMPINGEMENT of the hip. There are others which I will discuss later on.😜


So imagine this issue occuring during your squat, stairs, or even simply walking throughout your day – not too fun is it? In hip flexion (deep squat) the tendon is lateral to this “eminence” and then going into flexion causes it to go medial. This produces a feeling of snapping or sometimes even an audible sound.👂🏼


To help with this, you can try the stretches . In addition, try out this quick hip distraction drill/stretch to see if it helps! .


1️⃣Wrap the band around something steady and then around your leg as in the picture

2️⃣Slide it all the way up as high as it can go

3️⃣Go into a PIGEON POSE (yoga) by folding your leg under your body so that your shin is running perpendicular to your spine

4️⃣Slowly lower your hips backwards as if you’re going further into the stretch

5️⃣Posteriorly tilt your pelvis as we’ve discussed previously

6️⃣Move around slightly to find the position that works best for you! 

7️⃣Breathe, and relax 👌🏼💆🏻‍♂️💆🏽


⚠️DISCLAIMER: A less prevalent but more serious issue may be something within the hip joint itself (ie – issue with the labrum or potentially the overall structure of your hip joint). .

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